2usd 8 con cọp mạ vàng

2usd 8 con cọp mạ vàng
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2usd 8 con cọp mạ vàng

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 tờ 2usd in màu đỏ đô và được mạ vàng 8 con hổ ( cọp ) tượng trưng cho Phát trong năm. Mang tới may mắn cho gia chủ và người thân 

Genuine U.S. Legal Tender.
• Authentic Set of U.S. $2 Bill and $1 Bill.
• Limited Edition & Numbered of 8,888 Sets Worldwide.
• Each Set is Individually Numbered.
• Exclusive foil stamped Lunar RED Envelope
• High-Definition Colorization Process.
• True-Definition Gilded GOLD Leaf Process Featuring 8 MATCHING TIGERS on Both Banknotes.
• Highest Quality Colorization and Hologram in the World, Accomplished Through a Revolutionary Technique.
• Full-Color Certificate of Authenticity Built-in to the Red Envelope.
• Both bills are Handsomely Showcased in Premium Red Lunar Exclusive Envelope.
• Both Bills are in Fresh, Crisp, Uncirculated Condition.


Điện thoại DĐ: 08.27.383838 ( zalo, imess) ( Mr. Tuấn ) 
Email : shophangnet@gmail.com


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